TMP Catalyzer

Revolutionizing used car appraisals with AI-powered digital transformation.

AI, Creative, Experience
500+cars appraised within the first 6 months.
6digit revenue within 6 months of implementation.
OverviewRevolutionizing Toyota Motor Philippines' re-commerce pricing strategy through the digitization of an outdated, paper-based appraisal process.
ChallengeManual appraisals and scant data impair Toyota's used-car pricing.

Toyota Motor Philippines faced challenges with its complicated manual process for appraising used vehicles. This resulted in inconsistent pricing strategies among dealerships. They also needed more market intelligence and competitor analysis data, making it difficult to negotiate prices effectively.

SolutionCatalyzer SmartPrice app transforms Toyota's pre-owned car pricing.

SAI Digital used its proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning solution, Catalyzer SmartPrice, to create a mobile app that digitized the entire re-commerce process. Toyota's pricing strategy was transformed with an AI-powered pricing engine that used real-time competitor data. This streamlined approach, with improved reporting, transformed Toyota's used vehicle business.

TasksFrom a cumbersome manual appraisal process to a streamlined mobile app.
Harnessing mobile technology for efficient vehicle appraisals.
Maximizing used car value with Catalyzer SmartPrice.
Standardized appraisals for optimal customer experience.
Single-point data entry system for real-time updates.
Delivering accuracy for unrivalled customer confidence.
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