Weir Minerals

Digitizing a B2B legacy across 14 markets.

Technology, Creative
14global deployment across 14 markets.
OverviewSuccessfully unveiling the digital transformation of Weir Minerals with an elevated B2B experience.
ChallengeLegacy system stunts Weir Minerals' scalability and marketing agility.

Weir Minerals was ensnared by a legacy commerce solution, lacked poor scalability, and experienced inefficient customer support. Their inability to execute sales-boosting marketing campaigns reflected their need for a modern and agile solution.

SolutionHuman-centric redesign boosts scalability and customer support.

We refashioned Weir Minerals' B2B journey with a human-centric design. A custom search function, a scalable field sales platform, and an online customer support system marked a major digital overhaul, setting Weir Minerals on a path of unhindered growth.

TasksA global revamped B2B experience.
Global unification through SAP integration.
Building a B2C-like experience for B2B.
Scalable field sales platform.
Smart search function.
Online customer support ticketing.
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