Creating equal opportunities by empowering social entrepreneurship.

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OverviewUshering a socially responsible enterprise into the digital age by providing an engaging and inclusive eCommerce experience.
ChallengeRekut aims to build an inclusive, standout eCommerce platform amid competition.

Rekut faced the challenge of creating an e-commerce platform that not only boasted user-friendliness and aesthetic appeal but also stood out in the competitive landscape. Equally vital was the platform's commitment to inclusivity, offering individuals from marginalized backgrounds the opportunities they rightfully deserved. Managing all these aspects added to the complexity of Rekut's task.

SolutionElevating the CX with transparency and powerhouse partnerships.

We boldly confronted the challenge by devising and executing an all-inclusive UX/UI design, crafting a Shopify storefront that welcomed diverse backgrounds and abilities. Simultaneously, we launched a comprehensive marketing plan, blending SEO, performance campaigns, social media engagement, and PR. Adding to the triumph, strategic alliances with industry giants like studior330 and Ikea amplified Rekut's market dominance.

TasksTo advance equal opportunities, by building a social entrepreneurship eCommerce as a platform for change.
Harnessing the readiness of Shopify.
Crafting an inclusive commerce experience.
A cohesive marketing launch: integrated and impactful.
Boosting brand visibility with strategic collaborations.
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