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OverviewThe main aim was to improve Beisia’s eCommerce capabilities and overall user experience, with a focus on promoting customer-centric growth.
ChallengeBeisia's limited eCommerce and marketing prevent growth amid competition.

Beisia encountered multiple obstacles in its business operations. The surge in online customers due to the pandemic overwhelmed their eCommerce infrastructure, preventing them from expanding. They also faced strong competition from nearby supermarkets. Moreover, their lack of online marketing and promotions hindered their ability to reach a wider audience and grow their business.

SolutionSAP and Qualtrics transform eCommerce sales and customer engagement.

Implementing SAP Marketing Cloud, enabled a dynamic, customer-focused promotional strategy. Qualtrics Experience Management was integrated to harvest ‘experience’ data, yielding actionable insights. The eCommerce design was reimagined, creating a platform poised for global scalability and increased market share.

TasksCreate a platform poised for global scalability and increased market share.
Seamless integration: from legacy systems to SAP Marketing Cloud.
Targeting with precision: harnessing personalized promotions.
Customer insight to action: Qualtrics Experience Management.
A vision for the future: designing for global scalability.
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