Unlocking the power of manufacturing B2B2C commerce.

OverviewReimagining a manufacturing B2B system for enhanced usability and data ownership.
ChallengeHAAS grapples with elusive data and outdated B2B operations.

HAAS faced challenges with hard-to-locate customer data, unclear distributor operations, outdated B2B parts ordering, and deficiencies in website usability. These issues coincided with intricate business processes experienced by B2B dealers.

SolutionSmart search, ERP integration transform operations and growth.

We drove the switch to SAP B2B2C eCommerce for a unified experience, deployed a Machine Parts Serial smart search, achieved SAP ERP integration, offered customized order routing to chosen dealers, and granted HAAS comprehensive control over customer and sales data, turning this data into a strategic resource for their growth.

TasksTurning data into a strategic resource for growth.
SAP B2B2C eCommerce: a strategic deployment.
User experience redefined: bridging gaps.
Smart search: thousands of machine parts at your fingertips.
SAP ERP: seamless integration.
Customized order routing: tailored solutions.
Data ownership: HAAS at the helm.
Customer data: the new currency.
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