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Commerce made intelligent.

Power up your enterprise with AI/ML-driven insights. Strategically enhance decision-making, predict market trends, and streamline operations to improve online business performance.

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Automate business decisions to enable faster response to market changes.

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Recommend optimal trading prices for pre-owned products using AI/ML.

Reduce operational complexity, and improve customer experience by providing accurate prices in minutes with the power of data and machine learning​.

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Define best pricing and promotion strategies with ​real-time market intelligence.

Provide the best prices to your customers in real-time, ahead of the competition​. with a powerful pricing configurator to offer the most lucrative prices and promotions​.

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Transform your loyalty program with a one-stop omni-channel rewards​ platform.

A fully customizable data-driven, loyalty program to drive engagement across the entire customer lifecycle​​.

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Turbocharge​ your growth​
with AI-powered​ business planning.

Deliver big business wins with the help of Catalyzer Forecast by predicting customer demand with increasing accuracy.

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Pre-empt orders of B2B customers
using AI/ML.

Harness the power of transactional data to build an intelligent solution to predict your customers' next purchase​.

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