Beauty Garage

Turbocharging traffic and streamlining marketing.

Technology, Marketing
Consumer Goods
2.5xcustomer acquisition.
900,000on site products.
100%SKUs growth within three years.
OverviewImproving Beauty Garage marketing and infrastructure strategy, resulting in impressive growth.
ChallengeLack of integration and process limits Beauty Garage's web traffic.

Beauty Garage was experiencing dwindling website traffic, primarily due to a lack of integration with marketing crucial solution. The absence of an established process also resulted in inconsistent, inefficient marketing efforts that underutilized resources and undercut performance.

SolutionHybris marketing and custom plans boost online long-term success.

We helped Beauty Garage transition to Hybris marketing smoothly, created custom plans for their online platforms, and implemented customer-focused promotions and pricing for long-term success.

TasksTo build a customer-centric experience that would drive growth.
Taking control: migration to Hybris marketing for superior results.
Revamping digital presence: enhancing commerce and marketing strategies.
Power of personalization: customer-specific promotions and pricing.
Product subscription models for recurring revenue.
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