Navigating millennials to Manulife: a digital insurance transformation.

Creative, Experience, Marketing
Banking & Insurance
10,000+policies​ sold in the first two weeks of the campaign.
671%campaign conversion rate reached.
3,400,000views for the educating video.
OverviewLaunching an innovative digital Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) insurance product, geared toward Vietnamese millennials.
ChallengeManulife faces skepticism and complexity launching digital insurance in Vietnam.

Manulife aimed to launch a digital insurance product in the Vietnamese market, a goal not without its challenges. Vietnamese millennials viewed health insurance as an optional indulgence, and there was a clear need to raise awareness about healthcare insurance offerings. The complexity of insurance policies, combined with prevalent scam news stories, exacerbated existing low levels of trust in insurance services, adding to the intricacies of the endeavor.

SolutionCulturally-tuned strategy turns Manulife into a hit with Vietnamese millennials.

We partnered with Manulife to enhance their digital presence and customer engagement. Our approach included a creative music video to reach young millennials, a localized social media strategy, and content to guide customers from discovery to decision-making. Additionally, we designed an innovative interactive brochure to facilitate Manulife's extensive sales agent network engagement with their prospects.

TasksBuild the trust back by leveraging cultural relevancy.
Harmonizing insurance with the millennials’ mindset.
Mastering social media by tapping into local insights.
Guiding the journey with tailored content creation.
Empowering sales with meaningful interactivity.
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