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Multi-channel experience and optimized customer engagement.

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OverviewStreamlining order processing, engaging customers, and integrating data from four countries to enhance the multi-channel experience.
ChallengeBrand's fragmented systems and data weaken sales and customer engagement.

Brand's faced several challenges, including inconsistent order processing across different channels, fragmented data, and limited sales visibility due to each country using its own fulfillment method. Additionally, Brand's outdated CRM system made it difficult to access a comprehensive view of customers, hindering customer engagement, support, and complicating payment consolidation.

SolutionA true omni-channel experience and SAP CRM streamline Brand's sales and support.

A comprehensive omni-channel experience, automated orders, integrated multiple payment gateways, and improved customer support with SAP CRM.

TasksTo create an compelling omni-channel customer experience.
Revolutionizing retail: the omni-channel approach.
Synchronized harmony: unifying order processing & fulfillment.
One brand, one voice: customer consolidation success.
Always ready: the power of auto-replenishment orders.
Payment made easy: integrated digital payment gateways.
A new era in customer data management.
Customer segmentation and promotion personalization.
Enhanced customer support with SAP CRM.
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