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57%Conversion Rate Optimization within 6 months.
42%decrease in cost per order.
OverviewLaunching a new fashion brand in the competitive US market with an easy-to-maintain Shopify platform and executing an engaging consumer strategy.
ChallengeUS market launch demands user-friendly eCommerce for revenue and engagement.

Breaking into a saturated US market required a robust eCommerce platform that was user-friendly, easy to maintain, and could drive revenue in no-time. Engaging consumers across various touchpoints in their shopping journey was also an important priority.

SolutionAn online presence accelerated in 30 days thanks to Shopify.

Besides an accelerated time to marketing with Shopify in 30 days, we crafted a Go-to-Market (GTM) brand strategy that aligned with the brand’s roots and appealed to the socially-conscious American premium shopper. An integrated marketing strategy was deployed, focusing on SEO, PR, and social media marketing. Our efforts led to a tripling of revenue in the first six months following campaign launch.

TasksDelivering a compelling buying experience from day one.
Crafting a tailored GTM strategy: reflecting the brand's core values.
Integrated marketing strategy: maximizing reach and engagement.
Driving amplified sales: the power of strategic digital advertising.
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