Crafting digital circularity: Saitex's digitized supply chain transformation.

Creative, Experience, Marketing, Technology
OverviewEmpowering a comprehensive digital transformation of a B2B2C manufacturing process, coupled with the integration of a circular supply chain ecosystem.
ChallengeSaitex grapples with streamlining digital manufacturing in a circular ecosystem.

Saitex desperately needed a comprehensive digital overhaul to streamline its manufacturing processes and efficiently integrate its circular supply chain ecosystem.

SolutionUnveiling SPEED TO MARKET™: a game-changing, digital-driven manufacturing hub.

We delivered a fully automated supply chain ecosystem through SPEED TO MARKET™ , an amalgamation of online collaborative tools, back office digital design, 3D product previews, Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ), B2B eCommerce orders, and reordering capabilities. The STM platform's interoperability extends to ERP/PLM/CRM integration. The platform's data-driven nature and our proprietary Artificial Intelligence insights help make more informed manufacturing decisions.

TasksTo build a circular experience for the most progressive jeans manufacturer on earth.
Automating circular supply chains - the next step in sustainable manufacturing.
Speed to Market™ - Bridging the gap between creative integrity and commerce effectiveness.
Data-driven decisions - unlocking unique manufacturing insights.
A brand refresh to support a circular mission.
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