Enhancing B2B2B CX and streamlining operations.

Consumer Goods
OverviewRefurbishing an obsolete commerce solution, by ensuring an enhanced online buying experience.
ChallengeOutdated platform impedes user experience and commerce performance.

The outdated commerce platform of Kashiwagikouki posed a problem for their customers who needed help making online purchases. The unpleasant user experience discouraged interaction and caused operational issues, negatively affecting their digital commerce performance.

SolutionSAP Commerce Cloud B2B transforms Kashiwagikouki's digital presence and operations.

We integrated SAP Commerce Cloud B2B to enhance Kashiwagikouki's digital presence. This resulted in a streamlined bulk-purchasing process for their partners, with features like 'Quick Order' and CSV import. We also enabled employees to purchase on behalf of customers and made content management easier with SmartEdit.

TasksTo facilate the transactions experience from businesses to businesses to consumers.
Boosting transaction efficiency with SAP B2B2C eCommerce.
Crafting harmonious user experiences: the UX/UI overhaul.
Simplifying complexities: the machine parts serial smart search.
Driving operational cohesion: SAP ERP integration.
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