Hirose Electronics

SAP Marketing Cloud revolutionizes Hirose's operations.

Technology, Marketing
23,000B2B accounts used for Marketing Automation.
50+highly qualified leads identified 6 months after implementation.
4.72average contacts per account.
OverviewLeading a transformational journey towards marketing automation.
ChallengeHirose Electric's outdated systems hamper marketing and campaign management.

Hirose Electric faced hurdles in its B2B operations due to the need for more marketing automation, making it tough to execute its marketing strategies. Integrating data from their legacy systems was also complex, and maintaining contact-to-account relationships added to their challenges, hindering effective campaign management.

SolutionSAP integration streamlines Hirose's campaigns and accelerates sales.

We integrated SAP Marketing Cloud with Hirose's systems, streamlining operations and improving contact-to-account relationships. This allowed for personalized campaigns and lead identification from website traffic, resulting in a faster sales process.

TasksStreamlining operation by integrating SAP Marketing Cloud.
Fast, seamless integration with SAP Marketing Cloud.
Efficient centralization of contact and account data.
Streamlined B2B contact-to-account relationships.
Personalized and targeted campaigns for B2B contacts.
Identifying leads from B2B commerce website visitors and facilitating sales.
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