Soaring sales with SAP commerce and human-centered redesign.

Creative, Technology
Consumer Goods
OverviewNew platform selection & implementation, Omni-channel process set-up, Marketing strategy development & execution.
ChallengeGoodSmile grapples with outdated tech and sluggish UX, stunting growth.

GoodSmile faced challenges with outdated legacy eCommerce solutions, a less-than-optimal user interface (UI) design, and a slow online customer experience. These limitations hindered sales growth and posed a significant scalability concern.

SolutionSupercharged SAP Commerce, personalized promotions, and a fresh look.

We executed a complete overhaul by implementing SAP Commerce, supercharging online sales, and enabling pre-orders for enhanced accessibility. Additionally, we rolled out personalized promotions, revamped the website's UI for a more dynamic appeal, and delivered continuous site management and support.

TasksTo accelerate a digital transformation built for growth.
Boosting online sales with SAP commerce.
Facilitating pre-orders for enhanced accessibility.
Implementing personalized promotions for customer engagement.
UI redesign for an engaging user experience.
Ongoing site management and support.
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