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Harness omni-channel loyalty the easy way.

Cultivate deeper customer relationships, drive retention, and fortify your business growth at every touchpoint.

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Step into the future of O2O with Catalyzer Loyalty

Catalyzer's omnichannel loyalty solution anchors customers to your brand,
fortifying your business experience at every touchpoint.

Enterprise-Class Loyalty​.

If you’re looking to boost your enterprise-class business’ Omnichannel marketing strategy on another level, you won’t risk missing this intelligent, data-driven Loyalty technology that offers:

  • Versatility through an API-first approach, catering to a spectrum of accrual types, ensuring a loyalty solution finely tuned to your distinct business needs.
  • Scalable infrastructure with cloud-native architecture, which seamlessly scales with your business growth, providing a robust and scalable loyalty infrastructure.


Intelligent and Evolving.

Traditional, manual Loyalty programs no longer cut it in the digital-first era. You need an ever-evolving intelligent Loyalty solution that delivers:

  • Cutting-edge AI/ML enhancement, which collects and analyzes vast amounts of customer data, then provides profound insights into individual preferences, behaviors, and purchasing habits.
  • Seamless customer engagement using AI-driven recommendation engines, giving each customer targeted offers, rewards, and highly personalized incentives.


Social Sharing of Reward Points​.

It’s more than just keeping your customers coming back; it’s building a sustainable community around your brand.

Make it happen with Loyalty’s social sharing feature that allows your customers to share their reward points with friends and family, thus leading to enhanced customer satisfaction and retention and organic brand reach extension. Let them build their community, then yours.

Next-gen technology

Step into the future of customer retention.

Cultivate deeper customer relationships, drive retention, and propel your enterprise forward.

MACH Architecture

Catalyzer Loyalty’s MACH-based architecture enhances shopping experiences, supporting online and offline models and incentivizing in-store actions.

Blockchain Integration and Smart Contract Applicationn​

Use blockchain technology and smart contracts to provide a secure, transparent, and reliable reward points system that your customers can trust.

How it works

Smooth integration for solid outcomes. 

From granular segmentation to O2O experience, Catalyzer Loyalty propels 
your customer retention with a minimum effort.

API-first Cloud Native SaaS solution

Seamlessly integrates with any eCommerce technology provider.

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