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Maximize profits on pre-owned products.

Catalyzer SmartPrice uses real-time intelligence to help enterprise businesses standardize their pricing for pre-owned products.

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Don't let your profits be lost in the guessing game

Finding the sweet spot for pre-owned product pricing is
more art than science... until now.

Discover Catalyzer SmartPrice

The future of pricing strategies

Accurate prices of pre-owned products in minute with
the power of AI/ML.

Streamline your appraisal & pricing process.

SmartPrice transforms the appraisal and pricing process by automating and streamlining operations.

  • Reduce operational complexity by automating price setting
  • Generate multiple, real-time pricing scenarios.
  • Move the entire appraisal process online for easy tracking.
  • Simplify data integration & management with an API-led solution.


Generate profitable pricing with real-time market intelligence.

If your business seeks to optimize its revenue and remain competitive in the dynamic pre-own market, start with SmartPrice technology.

  • Generate optimal prices with the best possible margin.
  • Capture market share by creating a trustworthy trading platform.
  • Make comparison shopping easier by displaying prices from competitors.


How it works

AI-Driven SmartPrice.

The self-learning model progressively improves pricing accuracy as more data and feedback is provided.

API-first Cloud Native SaaS solution

Seamlessly integrates with any eCommerce technology provider.

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with Catalyzer SmartPrice. 

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