Maximize sales and back-office productivity by leveraging the wealth of SAI Digital’s SAP B2B Quick Starter Package.

November 20, 2023
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Personalization of sales is the need of the hour for B2B businesses, such as manufacturing and wholesale, requiring a large sales staff. Since the prerequisite conditions differ across geographies, integrated product/customer management and unification of business processes cannot be achieved, resulting in inefficiency. To tackle these issues, it is beneficial to create an eCommerce platform that completes a series of online flows from sales to product management, customer management, and sales management. According to a Forest Research study, the average ROI of the Quick Starter Package for B2B eCommerce is 307%.


SAI DIGITAL, a SAP certified partner, provides a package solution called “Quick Starter Package for B2B eCommerce,” which aims to assist you in building an eCommerce site on SAP Commerce Cloud in just 100 days.


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Build an EC site in a minimum of 100 days and maximize ROI.


A dedicated team of 200 individuals from Japan and overseas proposes solutions to customer problems and provides agile CX solutions. For installation and maintenance, SAI DIGITAL prioritises close communication as a link between domestic and international staff, as well as Japanese customers. We clarify the goal by guiding them and implementing recommendations to promote their growth and development over the long term, rather than just the immediate consequences. SAI DIGITAL’s QSP, which is built on SAP Commerce Cloud, modularizes and delivers components commonly found on B2B eCommerce sites.


Here are some features of the SAI Digital QSP package:


Provides a B2C style customer experience.
By constructing an eCommerce site with QSP, we provide customers with a platform that allows them to place orders without restrictions or time or geographical location. Customers can now purchase B2B products in the same way that they can on B2C eCommerce sites, simplifying the purchasing process and increasing customer satisfaction.


Provides functions specialized for EC sites for B2B.
B2B businesses have numerous variations in the purchase flow, such as different product names and prices for each customer, and approvals by multiple departments to conclude a contract, making it a complex process. To address this, QSP offers a function that streamlines account management and boosts the productivity of back-office operations.


Flexible order / content management function.
QSP has flexible and robust ordering and content management functions, as well as the ability to personalise and provide optimal information for each customer. This allows businesses to keep their customers informed and boosts the effectiveness of their promotions.


Customer data collection / analysis function.
QSP enables businesses to monitor the performance of their eCommerce sites in real-time and centrally manage detailed customer purchasing information. This enables precise data-driven decision making.


Flexible extensibility.
QSP-built eCommerce sites can be integrated with ERP systems such as “SAP S/4HANA®” and other SAP solutions such as “SAP Service Cloud” and “SAP Sales Cloud.” This results in optimal expandability for businesses seeking national or global expansion.



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The KASHIWAGIKOUKI story demonstrates how digitising work orders on their eCommerce site helped them reduce their personnel count by approximately 50%. KASHIWAGIKOUKI, a trading company with over 100 years of history, handles over 1 million machine tools. The company needed an interface that would help them simplify sales personalization and expand their business domestic and overseas.


KASHIWAGIKOUKI was able to digitise the order operations, reduce the manpower involved, and make it easier to place orders by using SAI DIGITAL’s QSP, which is based on SAP Commerce Cloud. This case exemplifies how SAI DIGITAL’s QSP is changing the way we do B2B business.


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SAI DIGITAL, through its QSP, assists businesses in the rapid development of eCommerce sites that meet the needs of customers and assist them in achieving long-term business growth.

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