Catalyzer launches in the SAP Store.

November 30, 2023
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Big news from the SAI Digital family! Catalyzer, our comprehensive suite of AI solutions, in the SAP Store. Designed to make every aspect of eCommerce intelligent, Catalyzer is here to transform how businesses operate, forecast, and engage with customers. 


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Catalyzer and SAP Store - the perfect match


Seamless integration with SAP's ecosystem


The SAP Store is known for its robust ecosystem that supports seamless integration with SAP solutions. Catalyzer, being a part of this ecosystem, means businesses can effortlessly blend our AI-powered solutions with their existing SAP infrastructure. This integration ensures a smoother, more efficient operation, reducing the complexity often associated with adopting new technologies. Whether leveraging Forecast for precise demand prediction, SmartOrder for efficient order processing, DynaPrice for dynamic pricing strategies, or Xpress for rapid store deployment, Catalyzer aligns perfectly with the SAP environment.


Expanding each to a global SAP clientele


The presence of Catalyzer in the SAP Store opens doors to a global audience. SAP's vast customer base spans various industries, offering Catalyzer an unparalleled opportunity to reach enterprises already invested in transforming their commerce operations. For these businesses, Catalyzer brings solutions like the unique recommendation engine of Loyalty or optimum pricing strategies for used products, enhancing their e-commerce capabilities and driving intelligent commerce.


Catalyzer, commerce finally made intelligent


Catalyzer is not just another addition to the SAP Store; it's a comprehensive suite designed to cover every operational aspect of eCommerce. With features like Forecast for accurate demand planning, SmartOrder for automating order processes, DynaPrice for intelligent pricing and promotional strategies, and Xpress for quick store setup, Catalyzer is the ultimate tool for businesses looking to supercharge their e-commerce strategy. And let's not forget Loyalty – our innovative recommendation engine that boosts customer attraction and retention.


Accelerating path to success


The launch of Catalyzer in the SAP Store is a milestone moment for us at SAI Digital. It represents a fusion of our AI-driven innovation with SAP's powerful platform, bringing a new level of intelligence to enterprise commerce. We're not just delivering a product but offering a path to more intelligent, efficient, and customer-centric commerce operations.


It's time to make your enterprise commerce intelligent


Ready to take your enterprise commerce to the next level with Catalyzer? Dive into the SAP Store and explore how Catalyzer can transform your business. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information or a personalized demonstration. Let's embark on this journey of intelligent commerce together!

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