The Next Generation Intelligent Commerce solution to unlock the true potential of your B2B business

The Next Generation Intelligent Commerce solution to unlock the true potential of your B2B business

Digitize your business
in less than 6 months

Make customer-centric eCommerce for your B2B2X business a reality. No matter the complexity of your network, with SAI Digital’s Catalyzer™ Commerce, you can easily mobilize your entire value chain online on a single platform without disrupting your existing business.


4 reasons why zero-touch Digital Experiences will lead the way for “Manufacturer to Consumer” Commerce in 2022

Join our webinar to learn about the key tactics that can be used to help navigate all levels of complex trade models.
You’ll also learn about:

  • How to create 24X7 self-service ecommerce for distributors/retailers and others in your trade network.
  • Why data visibility of your entire network is critical towards improving customer engagement. How this can be used for experience management in the post-pandemic era.
  • How real-time insights & actionable dashboards can help you build digital resiliency to navigate unpredictable market scenarios.

Catalyzer™ Commerce in a Nutshell. Do it Right.

Easy Onboarding Right Channel & Partner
  • Build to accommodate complex B2B2X Networks
  • Simple & Fast Onboarding with no downtime
  • 360-view of your entire Trade Network
The Right Information at Right Time
  • Real-time Supply Chain visibility
  • Empower your Distributors & Retailers to make better decisions
  • Transparency across Supply Chain, reducing time to Market
Enhanced Customer Experience
  • Simplified & Streamlined Buying and Selling Experience
  • B2C style Customer Experience driven platform
  • Engage your customers with improved marketing tactics
Better Business Decisions
  • AI-Fueled Revenue Forecasting
  • Smart Inventory Management
  • Easy access Dashboard with Data-Driven, Actionable Insights
Simplified IT Integration
  • Cloud based and GDPR Compliant.
  • Flexible & fully integrated solution

Quick Overview of Catalyzer™ Commerce

By Suhas Hiwale, the CEO of SAI Digital Ltd.


B2B growth with a B2C experience.​

Find new channels for expansion without the risk of cannibalizing your existing revenue streams.

Use our powerful ML models better manage your production.

Facilitate better business decisions for your network by providing customized dashboards and 24X7 Digital engagement.