Sitecore Experience Cloud™

The Customer Engagement Imperative:


Engage your customers on their terms, before, during and after the purchase, across every channel


Experience is key, consumers expect brands to know them inside out, but data privacy is important. As a brand the better you know your customers, preferences, habits and the type of promotions they respond to the more engagement you have and the more revenue your make 

The winners are brands with the best ability to deliver relevant personalized content across communication channels and e-commerce sites. Easier said than done, you might say. Indeed, the quest for personal, low-friction experiences is often hindered by app and data silos and the difficulty to transform data into insights. 


Now, with Sitecore Experience Cloud™ implemented by SAI Digital, you can offer your customers best-in-class digital experiences from a unique end-to-end content and commerce experience platform, powered with machine learning technologies.  

Sitecore® Experience Platform™Sitecore Experience Commerce ™ and Sitecore Content Hub ™ work together seamlessly, empowering you to act on contextual insights, scale campaigns as fast as you can imagine, and connect and convert at every encounter on every touchpoint.  

Sitecore Experience Cloud Capabilities

Customer Analytics

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Break down app and data silos with 360° customer view and analytics. Continuously learn from each customer interactions and act on machine-learning generated real-time insights to build deeper, long-term relationships. 

Content Management

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Streamline marketing content planning, production and publication. Launch new websites, intranets, portals and landing pages across multiple sites and languages at the speed of now and the ease of wow. 

Marketing Automation

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Automate both the frequency and context of interactions over any channel, at any time, with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Trigger personalized actions with real-time visitor behavior to engage each customer in context. 

Omnichannel Delivery

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Publish quickly on unlimited channels and personalize anywhere with Sitecore headless CMS. Enjoy the full flexibility and reach of headless without sacrificing any content editing feature.  


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Deliver tailored customer experiences based on current and past interactions with your brand. Get started by choosing from several personalization approaches. Analyze your content’s real-time results and optimize.  

Catalog Management

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Build and manage your products directly from Sitecore Experience Cloud. Create several catalogs and display them on your website in different languages and currencies. Import catalogs from any source, for straightforward migration.  

Inventory Management

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Create and manage multiple inventory sets, to facilitate online-to-offline experiences, track shipments accurately, understand your products turnaround and be alerted when thresholds are reached.   

Promotion Management

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Apply promotions to products with high levels of granularity. Either define the offer yourself or choose from 22 promotions out of the box. Track and audit how your promotions are derived.


We are Sitecore Experience Cloud experts like no one else

From implementation to go-live to added functionalities and platform customization, our experienced Sitecore team will ensure your success every step of the way. 

SAI Digital worked well with me and my team to deliver time sensitive, complex technology solutions for our international clients.

John West, SVP Experience Platforms, Possible / WPP 

SAI Digital is one of the market leaders in implementing enterprise commerce and experience platforms for leading brands. Sitecore provides one of the most comprehensive and holistic enterprise solutions on the market today, giving us the tools to create great digital experiences.” 

Malcolm WildChief Strategy Officer, SAI Digital and Sitecore Commerce MVP. 

Customer Experience Strategy

We conduct requirements workshops to understand and adapt our solution to your business. We provide a strategic roadmap for your Sitecore Experience Cloud, as well as clearly defined functional specifications, to offer your customers best-in-class experiences.

Ecosystem Audit

Before diving into your implementation project, we analyze and review your actual ecosystem and make recommendations on improvements and process changes to get full potential of Sitecore Experience Cloud. 

Implementation Accelerator

We manage your implementation end-to-end, from design through to delivery, using Agile methodology to enhance our flexibility. You will work with a team fully dedicated to your project, so you’ll be in good hands. We also ensure the platform seamlessly integrates within your existing ecosystem. 

Application Managed Support (AMS)

From technical 24×7 support, to running campaigns for you or training your teams to get the best of your platform as well as Digital Marketing Services to help you build your digital footprint complementary to Sitecore Experience Cloud. 




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