SAP Omnichannel POS by GK

The In-Store Solution Imperative:


Real-time Integrated One Standard Solution For All Checkout Varieties


Thanks to the popularity of technology in retail, the future is promising and is only set to expand its influence exponentially as we advance.

Undoubtedly, the first motivation for retailers is focused around creating an amazing in-store experience that is captivating, unique and intriguing, enriching the overall consumer shopping experience.


With this in mind, SAI Digital’s collaboration with GK Software allows us a faster go-to-market and to provide a seamless buying experience by integrating the SAP Omnichannel Point Of Sale (OmniPOS) By GK solution across the Organization, Stores, and Web shop (e-Commerce).


SAP OmniChannel POS by GK is an innovative Point Of Sale that has been designed to align 100 percent with today’s consumers allowing retailers to meet their expectations anytime anywhere.

SAP Omnichannel POS by GK’s Capabilities

Centralized Functionalities Across All Channels

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The SAP OmniChannel POS by GK has a clear focus on making centralized functionalities available across all retail channels. This allows core processes to be implemented with a consistent quality across all stores, Web Shop and smartphones in real time, without interruptions and suited to each specific channel.

In-store seamless integration with eCommerce

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The in-store staff can directly connect to the Web shop and flawlessly exchange the data between the virtual shopping cart and the POS with a certified hybris extension.

Faster time-to-market with app enablement

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App enablement allows new functionalities to be added rapidly, without the requirement for any changes to the POS software. The standalone apps respond to related occurrences at the point of sale and enhance the functionality of the POS in real-time and preventing any interruptions.

Anytime & Anywhere Flexible Advanced Architecture

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The advanced architecture allows all omni-channel processes to be achieved anywhere on any device. Moreover, with the support of the specific application, a wide range of POS installations can be carried out – and the POS can even be synced in other solutions as a service. Main modules such as price calculation are offered as services for all additional sales channels as well.


The SAP OmniChannel POS by GK can also be implemented in every channel, on the cloud or even on any type of hardware in limitless set-ups.

End-to-end real-time connection - Mobile store-level ERP

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The GK solution has been created to interact flawlessly via web based services and open interfaces with several other channels and systems that you can utilize to directly connect to your consumers.

We are experts in SAP Omnichannel POS by GK

a single platform for all channels


SAI Digital specializes in the retail industry, and can provide in-store solutions enabling retailers a competitive edge over industry leaders by improving their customer engagement to help drive their revenue and sales growth.


SAI Digital has partnered with GK Software, making SAI Digital their official implementation partner in the Asia Pacific Region. We have a team of domain specific certified specialists with in-depth functional and technical expertise who can understand, analyze and execute bringing you the best industry specific solution to help your organization improve consumer engagement and growth by providing the best experience possible.

Minimizing Time-to-Store

The SAP OmniChannel POS by GK five-step extension concept is the quickest way to bring your innovations into the stores.

Five-step Extension Concept
Customizing Through Parameters

The basic customizing of SAP OmniChannel POS by GK is done by a system of functional and technical parameters which control most company-specific settings. They can be defined through editors. 3,000 basic parameters as well as over ten thousand extension parameters can be managed and distributed centrally. Intelligent inheritance mechanisms as well as configuration guidelines effectively reduce the customizing efforts.

Process Modeling

The internal workflow of the checkout is described by a Domain Specific Language (DSL). It defines the operating procedures and can be adapted using a graphical editor. The generated process descriptions can be transferred directly and activated. A software update and a separate rollout are not necessary.

Implementation of User Interfaces in HTML5

Implementing the immediate user environment is achieved by customizing the structure and design of the graphical user interface. It is based on HTML5 and CSS, which makes it extremely flexible and easy to adapt to the needs of different device classes.


App-Enablement for SAP OmniChannel POS by GK is a revolutionary expansion concept. It allows external apps to be integrated directly into the POS interface. They are able to communicate with the checkout and access external web services via an API. As a result, functional extensions can be carried out very quickly, without interference with the core system. The apps provide additional features for the user or useful end-user applications right at the POS. Examples are customer- and context-specific product recommendations, detailed product information, or the process-oriented integration of third-party systems.

Extension by Programming

SAP OmniChannel POS by GK provides a complete SDK that enables release-compatible extensions at all levels of the system. Rigorous development patterns ensure that customer-specific adjustments and extensions do not alter the standard product. Documented APIs, a clear layer architecture, and technologies such as Inversion of Control and Dependency Injection prevent changes to the product core and reduce the complexity of migrations.