SAP Marketing Cloud

The Contextual Marketing Imperative:


The Evolution Of Personalization From Push Messaging To One-To-One Personal Customer Experiences


While traditional marketing campaigns are falling short at engaging the individual customer because they lack the basic knowledge of customer’s wants and needs and blasts indiscriminate messages to the masses; digital technologies have driven customers to have higher experience expectations during all brand interactions.


Customers now expect an overall brand experience that is omni-channel, consistent and transparent. According to the statistic published by SAP in 2014, 30% higher growth in market share can be achieved by organizations that integrate campaigns and offers across traditional and digital marketing channels. Therefore, digital organizations must now enhance and simplify the customer journey while making them more personalized and engaging.


This goal can be reached thanks to the SAP Marketing Cloud solutions implemented by SAI Digital as part of our Customer Engagement offering which help create better customer experiences. SAP Marketing Cloud enables real-time contextual marketing, allowing you to engage customers, delight them, and cultivate brand relationships by ‘marketing to an audience of one’.

SAP Marketing Cloud Capabilities

Dynamic Customer Profiling

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Create dynamic customer profiles using data pulled from online sources such as browsing and social media data, and offline sources such as in-store purchase data and customer service calls. Gain real-time insights into customers’ motivations and intentions from their implicit behavior.

Segmentation Management

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Take advantage of high-performance segmentation tools and react to the customer’s context in real-time to make sure your communications are always targeted and relevant.

Commerce Marketing

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Encourage your customers to move easily from browsing to buying by understanding their needs and offering them a personalized shopping experience.

Loyalty Management

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Turn customers into loyal advocates by rewarding them however they engage with your business, whether making a purchase or writing a review. Gain deeper customer insights from their continued engagement.

Marketing Automation Strategy

We conduct requirements workshops to understand and adapt our solution to your business. The provides a strategic roadmap for your commerce platform, as well as clearly defined functional specifications, to offer the best experience to your customers.

Ecosystem Audit

We will analyze and review your actual ecosystem and make recommendations on improvements and process changes to get full potential of SAP Marketing Cloud.

Implementation Accelerator

By managing the end-to-end implementation, from design through to the delivery of your Commerce Platform, we use Agile methodology to enhance our flexibility and will work with you with the help of a fully dedicated team. We also ensure the platform seamlessly Integrates to your existing ecosystem.

Training & Support

We can provide training for your team to get the best of your platform as well as Digital Marketing Services to help you build your digital footprint complementary to SAP Marketing Cloud.