SAP Customer Data Cloud from Gigya and SAI Digital

The growing importance of effective customer identity access management


SAP Customer Data Cloud from Gigya offers a total solution built for the global scope of modern enterprise organizations. SAP Customer Data Cloud from Gigya’s platform delivers features designed to optimize the experience across the entire omnichannel customer journey and drive new business value. With the technology, our clients can:

  • Seamlessly authenticate and engage consumers across channels and devices;
  • Build rich, privacy-compliant profiles to unlock a 360-degree view of each customer;
  • Easily integrate valuable first-party data with every downstream application and service.

SAI Digital in partnership with SAP Customer Data Cloud from Gigya will implement the solution and accompany you after the project by assisting you in manipulating those data and take the best from them to leverage business opportunities.


Why is customer IAM important?

Customers have the freedom to choose who they do business with, and they’re not afraid to go elsewhere if the experience isn’t up to their standards. A great customer experience is no longer just nice to have–it’s a critical differentiator. According to a CEI survey, 86% of buyers will pay more for a better customer experience, but only 1% of customers feel that vendors consistently meet their expectations.


Customers also care deeply about security. Data breaches are well-publicized and severely damaging to customer trust. A recent Cisco report stated that 22% of breached organizations in 2016 lost customers–40% of them lost more than a fifth of their customer base. Customer IAM is all about balancing customer experience and security, and being careful not to sacrifice one in pursuit of the other.


Seamless customer experiences

Customer access isn’t just about web apps anymore. It’s grown to include mobile, IoT, partner applications and many other channels. CIAM enables simplified access and unified customer profiles so that organizations can engage their customers with consistent omnichannel experiences and personalized interactions.

Security requirements

The increased scale and frequency of data breaches has left many organizations unsure of their ability to protect their most valuable customer data. CIAM solutions offer powerful security from authentication down to the data layer to reduce the risk of losing revenue, reputation and customer trust.

Performance and scalability

As the number of customers, applications, websites and services continues to grow, the data collected on each customer is also increasing exponentially. In addition, many customer-facing industries and vertical markets experience extreme peak customer demand due to seasonality or other reasons. This poses unique scalability challenges that a robust CIAM solution can help address. And since each customer expects instant, frictionless access to your apps and services, the speed and performance of CIAM must never lag, even during peak usage times.

Privacy and regulatory compliance

It’s no longer unusual for digital screens to greet customers by name. Users are sharing more and more information with organizations and their partners to make interactions easier and more personalized. But that doesn’t mean that their concern about data privacy has lessened. CIAM must give customers insight and control over where their data is being shared and enforce customer consent to adhere to new privacy regulations like GDPR in the UK.

SAP Customer Data Cloud from Gigya Core Capabilities

SAP Customer Identity

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Identify, engage, and protect your customers.


SAP Customer Identity helps you identify and engage customers across channels and devices, by enabling a seamless and secure digital handshake with online visitors through flexible registration and social authentication screens and flows that are customizable for your particular business case. Meanwhile, tapping into our Identity Access analytics dashboard can help you understand, retain, and engage customers.

SAP Customer Consent

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Be transparent, gain loyal customers, and protect your business.


Designed to integrate flawlessly with SAP Customer Identity, or – through customization – with an existing identity management system, SAP Customer Consent helps put customers back in control of their own profile information and preferences for communications and marketing activities.


It also centralizes the collection and recording of customers’ consent for these activities, as well as for terms of service and privacy policies. In addition, it enables tracking of various versions of consent records across the customer lifecycle for auditing purposes, and synchronizes with all downstream applications to help ensure consistent enforcement of consent across every brand and channel.


SAP Customer Consent also enables a self- service preference center for your customers, giving them control over their consent and preference settings. This includes newsletter and promotional campaign opt-ins and frequency, personal data permissions, and the ability to view, download, delete, or freeze processing of their full data set.

SAP Customer Profile

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Power trusted digital experiences with first-party data.


Transform consumer identity and profile attributes, along with any system data captured from online users into a single unified profile for each customer.


Orchestrate this customer profile – or specific attributes within it – including synchronizing changes to account status with any application, service, or data layer in your digital technology stack.


Govern your customer profiles across each customer’s lifecycle, according to whether each user is unregistered, registered, verified, active, blocked, deleted, and so on, along with consent records and preferences for e-mail or SMS communications and other custom marketing activities.


Analyze customer identity, profile, and account status data to plan, predict, and optimize each customer’s experience across brands, channels, devices, and regions to drive higher conversions, engagement, and lifetime customer value.

We are experts in SAP Customer Data Cloud from Gigya solutions


with implementation & marketing services



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SAI Digital has partnered with SAP Customer Data Cloud from Gigya, making SAI Digital their official implementation partner in the Asia Pacific Region. We have a team of domain specific certified specialists with in-depth functional and technical expertise who can understand, analyze and execute bringing you the best industry specific solution to improve your customer identity management strategy by providing the best experience possible.


Having customer data is great but knowing them is even better. Our marketing team can help you analyze, extract the best of your data and translate them into actionable business opportunities through insights, interests, habits, etc. We can help you to build a tailored and customer-focused marketing programs to increase your customer relationship and stay on the edge of your competition.

Connect: Identify and Engage Customers
Establish meaningful connections — based on trust — that encourage customers to self-identify and engage.


Connect: Product Features


Lite Registration:

Lite Registration is a premium, add-on service for SAP Customer Data Cloud from Gigya’s Customer Identity Management platform. It enables clients to offer their customers online sign-ups that require only an email address, with no need for a password and only the customer’s consent needed for activation. This helps drive customer engagement with newsletters, promotional offers, “contact us” and other demand generation forms, and businesses can then move subscribers toward full account conversion using optimized email-based marketing programs.

Registration-As-A-Service (RAAS):

RaaS is a scalable and responsive solution that allows businesses to seamlessly identify and register customers while capturing a wide variety of customer data through frictionless and customizable registration and social authentication.

Social Login:

Social Login helps businesses increase conversions by reducing friction in registration and authentication processes while gaining permission-based access to social identity data.

Single Sign-On (SSO) and Site Groups:

SAP Customer Data Cloud from Gigya’s Site Groups feature facilitates multi-site, multi-brand administration and enables single sign-on functionality that allows a customer to log in to one site and be automatically signed into every site in the same site group. Logging out on one site also signs a user out of the entire group, providing a uniform experience across all sites that operate under one organization, and giving users seamless and secure access across every touchpoint.

Social Engagement:

These fully-integrated, out-of-the-box social share plugins enable businesses to create an interactive experience while building more complete user profiles.


These tightly integrated plug-ins allow businesses to gamify valuable on-site behaviors and improve customer loyalty and retention while gaining new insights.

Network Protected Identity (NPI):

SAP Customer Data Cloud from Gigya monitors the 1.2 billion identities managed by our platform and can deliver stepped-up security when we detect account irregularities, such as account takeover attempts.

Collect: Build Rich, Compliant Customer Profiles
Enable true permission-based marketing by unifying customer identity data in a secure, compliant and privacy-friendly platform.


Collect: Product Features


Profile Management:

SAP Customer Data Cloud from Gigya’s dynamic schema Profile Management database enables businesses to easily capture, aggregate, query and segment a virtually unlimited volume and variety of structured and unstructured data types from multiple sources. Collected data is updated in real-time, normalized and available for immediate querying by business and administrative users. Meanwhile, comprehensive and transparent customer preference features help businesses build trusted customer experiences and relationships.

Preference Management:

Comprehensive and transparent customer preference features help businesses build more trusted customer experiences and relationships.SAP Customer Data Cloud from Gigya’s clients can enable their customers to maintain control over what data is collected from them and how it is used, with customizable opt-in, preference and data control elements easily implemented via an intuitive UI builder.

Progressive and conditional profiling:

SAP Customer Data Cloud from Gigya’s platform is designed with features and functions that support progressive profiling, or the ability to build richer customer profiles by collecting data incrementally over time. This helps businesses establish relationships with their customers using a lighter touch, to reduce friction, encourage engagement and build lasting trust.

Identity Access and Customer Data:

Identity Access allows businesses to easily manage high volumes of user records and get a complete view of any customer within their database from a user-friendly dashboard. Information available for query includes social, system, registration, account, loyalty and behavioral data.

Privacy Compliance:
  • GDPR
    Features of the SAP Customer Data Cloud from Gigya’s platform help businesses meet compliance with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other regional data privacy regulations.
  • Data Residency
    Four regional data centers ensure that businesses can abide by regional laws that specify where customer data must be geographically stored and managed.
  • Anti-Spam
    SAP Customer Data Cloud from Gigya enables businesses to stay in compliance with regional opt-out and double opt-in laws and optimize newsletter strategies by enabling per-country compliance settings.
    SAP Customer Data Cloud from Gigya helps businesses comply with web accessibility guidelines with out-of-the-box workflows that enable vision-impaired users to navigate processes using only their keyboards.
    SAP Customer Data Cloud from Gigya is compliant with the HIPAA Security Rule and HIPAA Privacy Rule, as well as HIPAA breach notification requirements. Gigya maintains a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) document for HIPAA-governed clients such as hospitals and doctor’s offices.
Administration and Audit Functions:

SAP Customer Data Cloud from Gigya’s platform offers developers, business users and administrators flexible and comprehensive options for implementation, optimization and administration that conserve time and resources.

Convert: Get More Value from Customer Data
Drive business value and lower costs by easily integrating customer data and insights into marketing, sales and service solutions.


Convert: Product Features


Identity Exchange (IDX):

Take advantage of 50+ pre-built integrations into leading applications and services for CRM, CMS, e-commerce, analytics applications and more and make customer identity central to your marketing technology stack.

Customer Insights and Customer Insights Plus:

Our social media analytics tools enable businesses to leverage social data stored in theSAP Customer Data Cloud from Gigya’s platform to drive insights into customers’ demographics, interests, social behavior, influence and revenue-generating activity. The intuitive interface is designed to allow quick and easy and flexible segmentation of users by each of the available analytical categories.

Customer Insights Plus adds additional user data points, customizable filters for creating downloadable consumer segments, and export functions for integration with SAP Customer Data Cloud from Gigya’s Identity Access tool.

Identity Sync:

Available either in the Admin Console or via API, Identity Sync offers an easy way to extract, transform, and load data in bulk between SAP Customer Data Cloud from Gigya’s platform and applications for sales, services,  marketing and more. Available on a one-time basis as needed or as part of a scheduled job process, Identity Sync automatically updates target applications with data collected bySAP Customer Data Cloud from Gigya’s platform and vice-versa. A flexible scripting capability supports a variety of use cases, including customizable data transformation workflows, cross-database consolidation, and user group segmentation to maximize data quality and relevancy.


Gigya’s cross-platform Analytics feature delivers interaction and traffic data, including details by platform and sharing type. 20 key reports can be filtered by site, time range and context identifier (Context ID), then integrated with leading analytics provides to drive deeper understanding of customers’ on-site behaviors.

Behavioral Data Analytics:

Signals allows businesses to track behavioral data on their sites, delivering valuable information about customers that can be used to optimize core business flows for sites such as opt-ins, logins, purchases and more. The data — available in SAP Customer Data Cloud from Gigya’s Customer Insights solution — is easily exported to external systems and accessible via SAP Customer Data Cloud from Gigya’s JS and REST APIs. Signals comes pre-configured, out-of-the-box, to track certain behaviors, but can also be customized to track additional user actions.


By managing the end-to-end implementation, from analyzing your needs  to the delivery of your CIAM Platform, we use Agile methodology to enhance our flexibility and will work with you with the help of a fully dedicated team. We also ensure the platform seamlessly Integrates to your existing ecosystem.

We also have extended experience and capabilities in maintaining CIAM platform to ensure maximal Level-of-service, reliability and availability.

Integration with SAP Hybris Solutions

Our strong expertise in SAP Hybris solutions such as SAP Hybris Commerce and Marketing allows us to integrate Gigya to your current ecosystem for a seamless and optimized real 360 customer focused approach.

Marketing Capabilities

Our Marketing capabilities are here to help you pulling the best of your data and translate them into kernels of actionable marketing, sales and customer relationship programs.


We can think, plan and execute:

  • Digital Marketing Consultancy and Strategic Planning;
  • Interpret Data Analytics on consumers insights, purchasing behaviors and interests;
  • Create tailored and optimized digital marketing campaigns to maximize ROI through social, content marketing and search optimization.




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