Digital Marketing Automation

Customers now expect an overall brand experience that is omni-channel, consistent and transparent. Organisations must now enhance and simplify the customer journey while making them more personalised and engaging.


Our range of Digital Marketing solutions can be tailored to suit any size of business.

When it comes to online marketing, our experience shows that businesses typically fall into one of two categories:

1) A new online channel: requiring a quick start approach that delivers critical digital marketing features with the ability to scale when needed.

2) An established online channel: requiring re-platforming to a more advanced marketing solution

Let us help you create real-time contextual marketing, allowing you to engage customers, delight them and cultivate brand relationships.

Marketing Cloud Capabilities

Dynamic Customer Profiling

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Create dynamic customer profiles using data pulled from online sources such as browsing and social media data, and offline sources such as in-store purchase data and customer service calls. Gain real-time insights into customers’ motivations and intentions from their implicit behavior.

Segmentation Management

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Take advantage of high-performance segmentation tools and react to the customer’s context in real-time to make sure your communications are always targeted and relevant.

Commerce Marketing

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Encourage your customers to move easily from browsing to buying by understanding their needs and offering them a personalized shopping experience.

Loyalty Management

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Turn customers into loyal advocates by rewarding them however they engage with your business, whether making a purchase or writing a review. Gain deeper customer insights from their continued engagement.