The journey of SAI Digital has been going from strength to strength, thanks to the dedication and commitment from every single team member. We believe that SAI Digital is like a second family where all our employees feel engaged with each other and have lots of fun while working together. On the other hand, we know that every individual has a story – an inspiring story that we are proud to share to make our journey more exciting.




Our very first interview for the section PEOPLE@SAI Digital is with Tuan Anh (aka. Kelvin), a Senior Software Engineer. For the first time, Kelvin has shared his thoughts about the company and recalled all the unforgettable feelings from his first day at SAI Digital 2 years ago. Let’s get to know more about Kelvin!


Hi Kelvin! How would you introduce yourself with the new members of SAI Digital in three words?

Dedicated, Passionate and Team Player.


Why did you decide to join SAI Digital?

It came to me by chance when one of my friends talked to me about SAI Digital and the usage of Hybris solutions for eCommerce applications in which I’m very interested. Therefore, I decided to join the company.


After two years working at SAI Digital, how do you feel about the environment here?

In short, I have to say that the working environment in SAI Digital is competitive, yet it is so great that the team spirit is very strong, and we also have open communication here.


Looking Back, how was your first day at SAI Digital?

Oh, I was very curious. That’s the emotion when joining a new environment. I fancied knowing how they welcomed me, how everything is going. After that, my Manager came with a smile, shook my hand and gave me a tour around the office before a list of tasks came up right after that (laugh). It’s not bad.


Comparing to yourself today, does that feeling change? If yes, what are the changes?

Not much, it remains as is. I’m still curious every day, but now it’s about the development of the solutions, the technologies we are working on.


Up to now, what’s your best experience when working here?

I think, for myself, that’s the knowledge to understand and build a proper e-commerce solution and the chance to experience a great journey with all the young and dynamic members here.


What would you say to inspire and encourage all SAI Digital team members?

Keep up the good work and don’t lose your faith.


Thank you for your sharing, Kelvin. We wish you all the best!

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