The journey of SAI Digital has been going from strength to strength, thanks to the dedication and commitment from every single team member. We believe that SAI Digital is like a second family where all our employees feel engaged with each other and have lots of fun while working together. On the other hand, we know that every individual has a story – an inspiring story that we are proud to share to make our journey more exciting.

The co-existence of men and women in the same environment favours for the improvements in productivity and innovation since this enables the strengthening of the team dynamics

Introducing the next SAI Digital member to come onstage: Ms. Kimmy Wong, Country Manager of SAI Digital Hong Kong and Taiwan.


Hi Kimmy! Would you mind telling us a little bit about yourself?

I am dedicated, outgoing and passionate to my work. I am also a self-motivated team player with excellent communication skills to work with my colleagues and clients. I am very keen to acquire new knowledge and accept new challenges. I enjoy travelling very much because I can experience new customs, new cultures as well as discover new social norms and lifestyles. The exposure will definitely broaden my perspective of the world and enhance my creativity as well.


Do you remember your first impressions after your first week in SAI Digital Vietnam?

I was excited and enthusiastic when I was heading to SAI Vietnam as it was the first time that I visited Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. When I arrived at the office, I was attracted by the comfortable and lively working environment. I found that my colleagues are amazingly friendly, energetic and supportive. Cultural diversity is also managed well within the organization, contributing to an environment that fills with life and energy.


What do you like most about SAI Digital?

The most memorable moment that I’ll never forget is the pleasant smile on every colleague’s face in the company. I’ve been impressed by the kindness and helpful attitudes from my dearest colleagues as well.


We all know that there are many challenges for women when working in a male-dominated industry like technology. How could you deal with them?

Rather than stressing on the gender, it would be better for us to focus on the individuals’ talents and their respective abilities. I believe that it is essential for you to be confident to speak up and share your thoughts during the meetings. Your opinions will be considered as long as they are worth-taking. Keeping up with continuous communications with fellow colleagues will definitely help to recognize their talents and skillsets, which in turns to enhance the overall efficiency and achieve the ultimate goals of the company.


In reverse, is there any advantage for the female employees in technology field?

The idea of reciprocity is important within the organization. The co-existence of men and women in the same environment favours for the improvements in productivity and innovation since this enables the strengthening of the team dynamics. Female employees in technology field are encouraged to take the opportunity to demonstrate their unique skillsets in terms of organization and communication that favour the creation of teams, further participations and optimizes the overall decision-making process, which are beneficial to the company in general.


What are the main differences between Vietnam and Hong Kong labour markets (IT industry)? Have you ever thought about moving to Vietnam?

As information technology is an important element in every sector, the demand for the professional and qualified IT experts are kept increasing in both Vietnam and Hong Kong labour markets. If there is a great opportunity in Vietnam that enables me to gain more exposure, it is always worthy to have a move.


How’s life in Hong Kong? Which place we should visit when we come there?

Hong Kong is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city that provides a great variety of creative cuisines with local characteristics, making the place a world-renowned Gourmet Paradise. It is very convenient and easily accessible to different places by the public transport in Hong Kong. When you visit Hong Kong, you may either enjoy the iconic harbour skyline and busy urban streets or the city’s plentiful green spaces with numerous hiking trails in Hong Kong.


What would you say as a New Year wish to all SAI Digital members, especially to the ladies?

Happy New Year 2018! May this New Year turn all your dreams into reality and all your efforts into great achievements. Every day is a new opportunity to have a fresh start.

Thank you very much for joining our interview, Kimmy. Have a great and successful year ahead!

If you share the same interest with Kimmy in eCommerce and Digital solutions, don’t forget to check our open positions here and apply!