How To Boost Your Online Business With Digital Marketing Mix

Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell (Source).

What is Digital Marketing Mix and why can it help boost your online business? Read on to discover what makes a great Digital Marketing Mix – suggested by SAI Digital experts.

Digital Marketing Mix

Digital Marketing Mix is a strategy that indicates how all of your digital marketing elements should be used effectively. For example, if you are going to use social media marketing, PPC marketing and several other strategies for your business then you will need to build a Digital Marketing Mix to know how much time, budget and effort to devote to each component.

Decide on the right Digital Marketing Mix strategy

Although building Digital Marketing Mix doesn’t sound tough, it isn’t an easy task as well. Digital Marketing Mix demands a lot of focus, research and an exceptional expertise. Don’t worry if you don’t have expertise in Digital Marketing, we SAI Digital will support you on this.

Before deciding on your Digital Marketing Mix strategy, make sure you keep in mind these four decisive factors:

  • Optimize your website
  • Get social media right
  • Perfect the customer experience
  • Sustain lead generation

1. Optimize your website

This is extremely crucial for all businesses, especially the small ones. A well-optimized website gives you an opportunity to compete with your key rivals, even the larger companies by increasing brand’s visibility in search engines. Firstly, you must understand the basics of search engine optimization accurately then frame your website accordingly. Thinking about the content structure, the kind of language you use in comparison with what your audience usually uses will help you optimize your site based on the most valued keywords. Don’t forget to keep the keywords list updated from time to time.

2. Get Social Media right

Why use social media? Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell” (Source).

Truthfully, as long as you do not fall for fake followers, the well-known social media channels like Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook are the best mediums to help you increase your brand’s awareness effectively without big-budget requirements. In other words, social media marketing is the best way to increase brand representation, stay in touch, and engage with your customers. Leveraging the social media tools also helps you create innovating campaigns for the product and services you offer while keeping a firm hold over your existing clients and bringing in potential ones.

3. Master Email Marketing to perfect the Customer Experience

Refining the customer experience is a constant factor in the Digital Marketing Mix. With any eCommerce purchase, marketers should relentlessly track and optimize every contact point throughout the purchase process. These contact points should include relevant and targeted email communication, gratitude messages and post-transaction connection.

While email marketing is requisite for all online businesses, email advertising is about building a data source of existing clients and prospects. The system will collect all names and messages of those individuals who are interested in your business to form a list. Since the customers have opted in to this list (whether by registering for future reports on products or being offered coupons to join), you know the data is genuine. The further this list develops, the more profitable it becomes.

Although there are many email focuses for you to consider, here are the absolute requirements for all kind of email marketing strategy:

  1. Send the registration messages to customers when they enroll.
  2. Make your organization name dominant in the subject and sender field so the prospects can rapidly recognize your email.
  3. Sending password reset messages is fundamental as your customers will probably overlook their login data over and over. Make this procedure consistent and conceivable.
  4. Customers treat the order affirmation messages as their receipts, so they have a high open rate for this kind of emails. You can utilize this as a chance to up-sell.

4. Sustain Lead Generation

Lead sustaining plays an important role in the perfect internet business promoting plan in which promoting Marketing Automation and Retargeting are the two best types of lead supporting.

For companies with a complex sales cycle, Marketing Automation enables lead generation by engaging the customer with the correct message at the most opportune time. For example, sending personalized eCommerce messages to customers during every significant interaction made on your site, creates a relationship that helps move them through the sales cycle more efficiently.

Meanwhile, re-targeting promotion stages help advertisers enhance ROI by showing promotions to customers who abandoned the buying procedure. Re-targeting inspire customers to come back to your site so that they can consider the items they saw, their purchase history, and what they last viewed before abandoning, and finish their purchase.


Once you have accomplished all four factors above, you have set up a strong strategy for your online store success. However, there is no common marketing formula that ensures effectivity for all kind of business. Digital marketing is constantly evolving and the customers expectation will increase. Hence, if you want to reach long-term success, it is important to adapt, select the right toolset or mix with the respect to the business you are in, and continually test the opportunities to see if your digital marketing is in working.

If you need an expert who can investigate the needs of your online business, and offer you a Digital Marketing Mix strategy that perfectly meets your business goals, contact us here.