An API-driven headless commerce with B2B pre-built features to get your digital business online seamlessly in no time.

Why B2B buyers are frustrated

Because many B2B businesses fall behind in leveraging the power of digital commerce

B2B buyers often face difficulties during product searches.​

Inquiries about product information, quotation, invoice, fulfillment, and aftersales support typically require contacting the supplier’s Sales Team via email or phone.​

Buyers cannot easily access data related to their buying activities or track the fulfillment status of their orders at a time.

Flexible payment options alone are not sufficient to meet buyer expectations.​

The buying process can feel impersonal to customers.​

Manual handling of requests can be time-consuming for both buyers and suppliers.​

The complexity of B2B procurement processes is often not addressed.​

Tailored assistance throughout the purchasing process is not properly offered. Such assistance can increase buyer loyalty to their supplier.​

Personalized catalogs and bulk pricing are not always implemented.​

Even B2B buyers prefer self-service options for online transactions. This is because the generations in business procurement are transitioning to the digital-savvy ones.

What Your B2B Clients Want


of the entire buying process, from product search to payment


suitable for the complex B2B Buyer’s procurement process


in procurement experience


You are in the right place to start from

  • To what extent are you equipped with a digital commerce environment for your clients and your teams of sales, customer service, and marketing?
  • Does your website offer commerce functionalities from Buyer Registration & Approval to fulfillment support?​
  • Do you have a systematic 24/7 back office for pre-sales, sales, after-sales customer support, and marketing?​
  • Have you set up a system that detects leads and helps your sales team convert them to paying customers?​
  • For B2B businesses, it is critical to maintaining long-term relationships with clients considering transaction volume and margins from deals online.​
  • Do you acquire and retain new clients using an automated system to provide support?​

Catalyzer Xpress Has You Covered!

Start getting outcomes at the speed of light

Hassle-Free, B2B Buyer-Friendly

Essential B2B commerce functionalities in place that ensures efficiency for buyer’s procurement process and improves buying experience

  • Personalization for product catalogs, bulk pricing & quotation, etc.
  • Flexibile payment methods – e.g. pay by invoice, net 30, etc.
  • Self-Service set for product search and details
  • High data visibility on the Buyer Page of orders, invoices/payments, quote carts, shipping/delivery status, etc.

API-Driven Omnichannel Capability

All data collected and transmitted via Xpress API Hub seamlessly

  • Customer data, transaction data, images, videos, etc.
  • Unified content in all digital marketing channels on multiple devices(mobile, IoT, PC, tablet)
  • Efficient delivery of brand story, product-related message, news, etc.

Modularized Storefront Builder

Highly compatible with other platforms and 3rd-party solutions you need for your digital commerce

  • Backoffice Solutions
  • Customer Data Platform
  • Product Information Management
  • ERP
  • CRM3rd-party fulfillment, payment systems, etc.
  • Marketplaces

Time Saver to Initiate Your Digital B2B Business

Get your digital commerce up and running quickly and efficiently

Our B2B digital commerce solutions are future-proof and fully equipped, giving you the competitive edge to stay ahead.

I want my commerce running in 100 days

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