Catalyzer SmartPrice™ uses real-time intelligence to help brands standardize their pricing for pre-owned products.


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Accurate prices in minutes with the power of
big data and machine learning

Accurate prices in minutes with the power of big data and machine learning

Increase revenue per transaction and stay ahead of the competition

Generate optimal prices with the best possible margin
Capture market share by creating a trustworthy trading platform
Make comparison shopping easier by displaying prices from competitors

Streamline your appraisal
& pricing process

Reduce operational complexity by automating price setting
Generate multiple, real-time pricing scenarios
Move the entire appraisal process online for easy tracking
Simplify data integration & management with an API-led solution


AI-Driven SmartPrice™

The self-learning model progressively improves pricing accuracy as more data
and feedback is provided

Capture market share from the emerging secondhand market in any industry

The demand for pre-owned products is steadily increasing, and businesses need to embrace circular business models to stay competitive. Catalyzer SmartPrice™ can help you easily capture & scale your market share in this burgeoning industry.

API-first cloud-native SaaS solution

Integrates with any eCommerce technology provider


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