Unleash the power of a modern, enterprise-class loyalty data-driven solution to accelerate customer engagement across their entire lifecycle.​

Bring Your Customer Retention to the Next Level​

Catalyzer Loyalty empowers enterprises to implement their customer retention strategy seamlessly across multiple touchpoints.​

O+O Commerce Ready
O+O Commerce Ready

Highly Customizable
Highly Customizable

API-First & Cloud Native
API-First & Cloud Native

Extensive Accrual Types
Extensive Accrual Types

Enterprise-Class Loyalty​

Catalyzer Loyalty isn’t just any loyalty platform; it’s an enterprise-class solution built for large businesses like yours. Our highly configurable API-first, cloud-native platform offers multiple accrual types to meet your diverse business needs. ​

The AI-driven use cases are the heart of our solution, with a commitment to continuously infuse more AI/ML capabilities to create an intelligent, data-driven customer engagement ecosystem.​

Intelligent and Evolving​

Catalyzer Loyalty comes equipped with cutting-edge AI use cases. Our dedication to continuous AI/ML enhancement guarantees an ever-evolving intelligent solution designed to deliver exceptional customer engagement.​

Social Sharing of Reward Points​

Build a community around your brand. Catalyzer Loyalty allows customers to share their reward points with friends and family, enhancing engagement and extending your reach.​

Frictionless Integration

Catalyzer Loyalty can connect smoothly with any platform you use. Whether it’s through middleware for integration like SCPI or a direct link to SAP, we’re ready to bridge the gap.

MACH Architecture​

Catalyzer Loyalty’s MACH-based architecture enhances shopping experiences, supporting Online + Offline models and incentivizing in-store actions.​

Blockchain Integration and Smart Contract Application​

Trust and security are the cornerstones of any loyalty program. We utilize blockchain technology and smart contracts to provide a secure, transparent, and reliable reward points system that your customers can trust.​

API-first cloud-native SaaS solution

Integrates with any eCommerce technology provider

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