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Top benefits of SAP Hybris Marketing solution to consider

SAP Hybris Marketing solution can help a composite organization reach 306% ROI.

According to our experts at SAI Digital, SAP Hybris Marketing is one of the best technologies that allows companies to gain deeper insights into their customers, engage with them intelligently across all channels and devices as well as enable companies to run marketing with speed and agility.

On June 2017, Forrester has published the Total Economic Impact™ study commissioned by SAP Hybris that evaluated the potential impact of the SAP Hybris Marketing solution. As showed in the study, prior to investing in the SAP Hybris Marketing solution, all the interviewed companies had to face these common challenges:

  • High operational costs for marketing campaigns.
  • Lack of clarity on the customer buying process and an inconsistent customer experience.
  • Inconsistent content across all channels.
  • Low customer loyalty and retention rates.
  • Inefficient and sluggish metrics availability to inform business decisions. › Inefficient and partial data exchange between systems.

After implementing the SAP Hybris Marketing, here is the list of top benefits all the surveyed companies have experienced:

1. Increase in average order value (AOV)

The customers interviewed and surveyed for this study noted a 5% increase in the AOV of sales from their investment in the SAP Hybris Marketing solution, driven mainly by improved campaign management, social media use, and website optimization.

2. Increase conversion rates and incremental value

In addition to increasing AOV, the SAP Hybris Marketing solution also helped the interviewed organizations drive an 40% increase in their email conversion rate by deploying targeted campaigns, improving the timing of marketing efforts, delivering customized content, and overall being viewed as more relevant in the customers’ eyes.

3. Reduce platform integration costs


The interviewed organizations also noted that a key benefit of the SAP Hybris Marketing solution is that it allowed them to consolidate their many, disparate marketing systems (and associated integration costs) into a single platform. This proved that SAP Hybris Marketing solution can help a composite organization reduce 40% costs from consolidating disparate marketing systems, lower integration costs and reach 306% ROI over a 3-year period.

4. Other unquantified benefits

  • Improved ability to leverage marketing analytics to discover new opportunities.
  • Increased marketing team productivity and efficiency.
  • Improved customer loyalty and satisfaction; a stronger customer base.
  • Shortened length of developing and launching campaigns and offers.
  • Improved reporting functions and dashboards make insights available for faster business decisions.
The SAP Hybris Marketing solution has allowed us to increase our understanding of our customers by leaps and bounds and extract increased value from our marketing efforts. The solution integrates well into our infrastructure and helps drive productivity across all of our marketing channels.” – said a surveyed customer.

Want to experience the same benefits in your organization? We are here to answer all your concerns related to SAP Hybris Marketing, its key features, and how to employ this solution effectively. Contact our SAI Digital experts here.

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