Best Social Media Tools And Their Benefits For eCommerce

Recently, social media has become one the most powerful tools for eCommerce marketing and business growth.

To reach more customers and get leads for your service and products, there are numerous effective ways. Among them, social media itself offers multiple ways which make it easier and faster for e-Marketers to enhance their customers’ experience and stabilize their business growth in the shortest period of time.

In the list below, SAI Digital experts mention the best social media tools that you should apply to grow your online business and engage with your customers better.

#1. Multiple social media platforms strategy

social-media-strategyAlthough the rise of social media creates greater opportunities, it also creates more challenges to e-Marketers. Since the forms of eCommerce and social media marketing are no longer constant as before, the marketing strategies need to evolve at the same pace. The most important thing is, you cannot randomly choose a social channel to sell your product anymore. To take full advantage, it is necessary to seize multiple social media channels to attract and drive more targeted leads.

#2. Omni-channel marketing

omnichannel When it comes to customer experience and product selling efficiency, whether through offline stores, website, mobile app or social media, omni-channel marketing is the most effective way to target customers with the use of multiple channels. Omni-channel marketing allows marketers to connect with shoppers in any circumstances, follow their shopping journey and offer them exactly what they want at the proper time, no matter where they are.

#3. Private social messaging

social-messagingAlthough it is called social media, there is a growing trend towards connecting on a more profound, more private level, especially for millennials. If you are going to develop or use any web-based social networking platform to sell your product, make sure that your users can get private connection with their favored people or groups.

#4. Direct social commerce

direct-socialMobile browsing and buying are becoming more popular. Customers now are officially empowered to make their purchase via mobile applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest where they can immediately see the comments, feedbacks from other customers including their friends. Therefore, consumers trust their social networks and they are going to them to hunt not only for news and intriguing content but also potential products.

#5. Paid social advertising

paid-socialThe market is turning out to be more competitive because there are more business brands utilize online networking. On the other hand, due to social algorithms that support posts from friends or family over brands and organizations, accomplishing similar outcomes through organic traffic has become even harder. Obviously, this situation requires you to put resources into online advertisement. Progressively, you will find that you must pay to get your products seen. As a result, the more organizations utilize paid advertising, the higher cost you have to spend.

#6. Livestreaming

livestreamingIntroduced since 2016, live-streaming is now considered an extremely awesome approach to expand brand awareness and build a group or community around your business. You can share a full live event utilizing web-based networking media. Nowadays, the most popular social platforms for livestream are Facebook Live and YouTube.

#7. Virtual reality

virtual-realityOrganizations are now putting resources into virtual reality and augmented reality, as these innovations are the next big thing in the tech space. Virtual reality and augmented reality will influence the social media environment in multiple ways, and their impact will be significant on web-based business stores and eCommerce stores today and in the future.

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