4 reasons why zero-touch Digital Experiences will lead the way for “Manufacturer to Consumer” Commerce in 2022

Jan 18th, 2022

As buyers across the entire value chain increasingly prefer a touchless sales experience, B2B organisations are shifting to a Direct-to-Consumer model. Most manufacturers, who have traditionally relied on their dealer network to grow their business, are still preparing to meet the new wave of experience-focused economy in which Customer-Centricity has become the focal point of the sales process. 

 Early adopters of this move in the post-pandemic era have seen significant revenue gains.  

A study of B2B sellers and buyers by Forrester Consulting found that buyers surveyed are on average 34% more likely to buy from companies that master customer experience than from those that do not. Moreover, B2B leaders are 18% more likely than laggards (those with low customer experience maturity) to have exceeded their revenue goals in the previous 12 months. 

Building seamless customer experiences, on the other hand presents its own set of challenges, particularly for organisations with large trade networks and multiple sales channels. In this webinar, we will learn about the key tactics that can be used to help navigate all levels of complex trade models. 

You’ll also learn about: 

  • How to create 24X7 self-service ecommerce for distributors/retailers and others in your trade network 
  • Why data visibility of your entire network is critical towards improving customer engagement. How this can be used for experience management in the post-pandemic era. 
  • How real-time insights & actionable dashboards can help you build digital resiliency to navigate unpredictable market scenarios. 
  • How leveraging data-led promotion & marketing tactics can help boost revenue through your partner network. 

If these topics resonate with you, join: 

  • Bharani Krishnan 

Vice President, Centre of Excellence – Consumer Industries at SAP Asia Pte Ltd 

  • Karthik Manoharan (Moderator) 

Director Sales and Marketing – SAI Digital  

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